Park Hills East Campus

Park Hills East Campus

Following the Holy Spirit's leading, Park Hills is launching a new East Campus on September 10, 2017 with the goal of better reaching people in the Winnebago, Pecatonica and Durand area. 

Launch Date: September 10, 2017
Location: Westlake Community Center
(3677 Westlake Village Drive, 61088 Winnebago, IL) 



For more information about why we're launching a new campus, what our goals are and what some of our current needs are, watch this Q&A video with Pastor Chris Stukenberg who will be heading the launch of the East Campus. 

July Prayer Sheet for East Campus Launch

Each month we will be sending out a prayer sheet that includes all of the things that you can join us in praying over as we approach the launch date for the East Campus. It is our earnest desire that God's will be done through this, so prayer for the community, leadership and decision making is crucial. Would you join with us in prayer?

 Click here to view and download this month's prayer sheet!