Small Groups

Since the very beginning of Christianity, men and women have met in homes or other places to worship, pray and be taught the Word of God. It is in this context that people experience much more of what the Church of Jesus Christ is all about. In fact, people who have never been a part of a small group of Christians but have only attended Sunday morning church services have missed much of the significance of what the Bible calls the Body of Christ. The real life of the church is experienced in the context of a small group of people learning to love and minister to each other in the name and power of Christ.

Small groups meet during the week in homes for Bible study, worship, fellowship and prayer. The major focus is not just learning Bible content but application of truth in a context of personal relationships, support, accountability and encouragement. Each small group host seeks to create a welcoming atmosphere that is comfortable and free from distractions. The small group leader helps facilitate the evening's study and discussion time.

There are a number of small groups meeting weekly or bi-weekly and there are many opportunities to join a new or existing group. If you are ready to become a part of a more personal and life changing experience in your faith, contact the church office for more information about availability, times and places.