Online Giving

Park Hills is pleased to announce the introduction of an electronic option for making regular offerings. Contributions can now be debited automatically from your checking or savings account or processed using your credit or debit card.* Our new electronic giving program offers convenience and consistency for your giving by offering a weekly, monthly, or even one time gifting options.

Men and women who are followers of Christ are called upon to view their finances differently than our culture.  Scripture is clear that everything we "own" has been given to us and ultimately belongs to God. (II Chron. 29:11,12)

Christians are encouraged to give (II Cor. 9:5-9):

generously not sparingly

purposefully not randomly with out thought

cheerfully not begrudgingly or reluctantly

Knowing these truths we are also admonished not to be a slave to debt and we would therefore caution you against any imprudent use of credit and/or debit cards.  Thanks for your faithful giving to the ministries of Park Hills Church.


* A 3% charge will be assessed to Park Hills Church if you are using a Debit or Credit card.*